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So, Biden's Your Man?

July 8, 2020

Sure, Vote for Joe if…


You want the fundamental transformation of America Barack Obama promised. Obama acolytes will populate every major office in government and unleash their policy dogs on anyone opposing them. With both Houses of Congress and the White House, AOC and the Squad, Pelosi, and Schumer will have unlimited power. Oh, and look for one of the Obamas to sit on the U.S. Supreme Court.


You want the District of Columbia to become a state, creating another member of Congress and two new Senators—Democrats all. If they succeed, it will eliminate an effective opposition party in our government—forever.


You think Joe would have done a better job with the WuFlu. Just ask him what he and his pals would have done. Go ahead. Nobody else has, so don’t expect an answer. We don’t know what he would have done because HE doesn’t know.


You want an America with open borders allowing anyone to bring in more disease as they steal your birthright of citizenship. Dems are silent about border security right now, but they’ve made no secret they think everyone ought to come in wherever and whenever. Citizenship will be meaningless.


You really liked what you saw with all the rioting and looting. How do Joe and Democrats feel about the violence? No one knows. They haven’t said—and they won’t because nearly every city where violence reigns is run by Democrats.


You want a country where nobody’s life matters. Joe says he doesn’t agree about defunding law enforcement, but he needs to stay in step with the mob. And the mob owns the Democrats. Nobody’s life will matter when there’s no one to protect it.


You think defending your home, your family, your life with a gun is all wrong. No worries. With Joe, your property and your life won’t be safe, anyway.


You’re part of the Cancel Culture and want to erase our history, our beliefs, our traditions. Be sure to let our military people, law enforcement people, and first responders know they’re putting their lives on the line—for you—for nothing.


You believe people of color should be unemployed, uneducated, unfamilied, and unequal. That’s what economic slavery does. The chains are invisible, but there.


You’re with the Russians and the Chinese who want Trump out because he’s the only one standing in their way. Like the company?


You think the 10 Million jobs tied to fossil fuels aren’t necessary, and it’s okay to farm out millions of other jobs to the Chinese. Really?


Of course, you could re-elect a flawed guy who does a lot of right stuff and will protect us and our rights with every breath he takes. Sure, he gets mad as hell when he sees the country being torn apart, but aren’t you?


Ah, but you see Joe as “even-tempered.” Yes, he’s polite, says all the right things, and doesn’t embarrass you. Because after nearly 50 years of doing NOTHING in his political career, his gang will change that. Just wait to see what they have in mind for our rights under the Constitution.


How can they do that? Of course, you’ll go along when Joe is pushed aside via Section 4, 25th Amendment for Harris? Whitmer? Abrams? It’s all part of the plan.


The Democats’ vision for America is frightening. Voting for that, are you?  Ready or not, here they come…



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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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