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Why Progressives Love Hate

November 1, 2019

More than gold, silver, or bitcoin, hate seems to be the most common currency amongst professional Progressives in America today. They aren’t the only haters, of course, but they’ve almost cornered the market—and all according to plan.


Gone are the days when civility ruled the airwaves and streetcorner conversations, when people could laugh at themselves and one another over their differing views, when the biggest political issue had to do with Eisenhower’s Chief of Staff accepting a vicuna coat from a textile manufacturer.


Now, ordinary citizens berate and bully public people and their families at dinner in a restaurant. Now, it’s the norm to dox both public and private citizens simply because they express views or donate to causes they consider objectionable. Now, it’s a constant for media and political voices to label people and views “racist” simply because they disagree.


Never have Deplorables—we who own guns and cling to our religion—donned Balaklavas and clubbed innocent people exercising their First Amendment rights. It is Kafkaesque in the extreme that Lefties accusing conservatives of being neo-Klanners are themselves the hooded terrorists in the 21st Century. That their silent accomplices have often been local authorities and the media might remind some people of Kristallnacht’s foreshadowing.


History tells us why this sort of behavior—though perhaps not orchestrated--must happen for Progressives to succeed.


Every “anti” political movement since the French Revolution has succeeded by suppressing an “other.” In 1789, revolutionaries railed against the king, the self-indulgent nobility, royalists, and finally, anyone who opposed them. This strategy has never worked well in this country, as Eugene V. Debs found out during and after WWI. The socialist reach for power fizzled, but the wannabes learned and waited.


While Lefties burrowed into government machinery during the FDR years, the National Socialist Party in Germany pitched social reforms—much like the USA’s Democratic Party’s stances today. Its forward momentum stalled, however, until Adolf Hitler identified Jews as responsible for the nation’s economic woes. We know what happened when a desperate and ill-informed populace did a collective, “What the hell!” and pulled the lever for the National Socialists.


Jews bore the brunt of the vicious and violent attacks upon their race, but the mentally ill, gays, and others were added to the list of those for whom a final solution was implemented. Research details how Hitler and Goebbels methodically and persistently turned the German people against the Jews, in particular, as the disloyal and despised “other.” Soon, all religion was stifled, its leaders jailed or executed—all for the good of the Reich.


Nowhere was this technique of isolating and condemning classes of people more effectively used than in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and ruthlessly emulated by North Korea, Cuba, and China. In each iteration, one or more “others” were identified. The widely accepted number of people murdered for the good of the state in these socialist utopias is over 150 million.


What does all this have to do with us?


In this writer’s opinion, the Left began deploying its tactic of isolating conservatives during the Reagan Administration, and year by year, with tiny slices to the national fabric, their attacks on those marked as “other” hit—what many hoped was—its crescendo in the bitter struggle over the 2000 election. For the first time, the so-called MSM, Hollywood, academia, and the coastal elites found their power when they coalesced in relentless attacks against any persons and institutions—the “other”—opposed to the outcomes they demanded. They sowed discord and division during every newsday, and like spoiled children denied their treat, their tantrum lasted until 2008.


Tinfoil hat? Oh, no! The clarity of their Saul Alinsky strategy crystallizes when we contrast how the Leftie claque obsequiously groveled and fawned over Clinton and Obama during their sixteen-year chokehold on freedom’s yearnings, and how they castigated, on script, Bush and his voters as ignorant fools opposed to the peoples’ good. Joseph Goebbels and the Pravda crowd would have blushed in embarrassed incompetence.


If we thought it couldn’t get any worse, were we wrong!


The Discorders of 2000 convinced themselves the 2016 election was the year the Progressive Left was to claim power, and leveraging every sector of the government, media, and academia fulfill Barack Obama’s vow to “fundamentally transform America.” They were entitled, after all. That the American people, by the Providence of Almighty God, foiled their plan served to fuel the Left’s howling anger against everyone and anyone associated with Donald Trump. In an instant, Trump and his voters became the “other.”


Why, then, does the Progressive Left love hate? Because it works for them. The more discord they sow, the more identity division they create, the more bitterness they inflame, the more likely the weary and the ill-informed will—especially mis-educated millennials, like electoral lemmings elsewhere, give the socialists “a chance.” Use any label to identify them you wish. They want only one thing: power—over us.


And what about us? We who pay for the free stuff, believe in Almighty God, own firearms, have children in marriage, work and pay taxes, value the sanctity of unborn life, take pride in what we’ve earned, and revere the Constitution? We are the “other,” the despised ones to be stripped of our natural rights, and made to think and act according to the dictates of the state.


Think not? Ask Nicholas Sandmann and the thousand others ground to grease by the vast Leftie

conspiracy since 2000.


We the Other must stand—nor for the establishment—but for the freedoms given us by God and immortalized in our Constitution.


Humanity has already lived in the Socialists’ Paradise and paid with 150 million lives for the privilege. How could we allow them to take us there again?

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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