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Sanctuary--Just Another Fraud

April 13, 2018

In the popular mind, the notion of Sanctuary had—until recent years—a special and revered meaning, and it went back to biblical times. It was a place of shelter, oasis, haven, harbor, retreat, or refuge for persons unjustly persecuted.


For the relatively few occasions the principle of sanctuary was invoked, the populace was disposed to honor it because the fugitive who entered a church and remained there was a threat to no one. It was a place of heavenly intervention on behalf of the one pursued by the many.


Today, it is just another misappropriation of words by Progressives to mask from the rest of us their persistent agenda to degrade the rule of law—an insidious corruption of a voting public to win power. I need not detail here the locales in this country already willing—officially—to permit illegals to vote in local elections. Intelligent readers have already noticed that Progressives are more than willing to force all taxpayers to support an official policy of Breaking & Entering by paying for transition, housing, food, and education costs of people here illegally. If they would so easily part with treasure, why would they hesitate to take the next step?


California is just the latest example of the larger fraud perpetrated by willful politicians to obstruct justice. The question before us is a simple one: Why are California officials—or officials anywhere—who obstruct the enforcement of federal law not under arrest?


If you or I attempted to bar, detain, deceive, or hamper a law enforcement officer from apprehending persons acting illegally, we would be placed under arrest immediately.


What’s so special about Jerry Brown and those who act similarly? Are they too big, too important to jail? Most Americans are fed up with lawmakers who are lawbreakers. Isn’t it time for lawful authority to act?

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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