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Paradise Lost?

November 28, 2017

After eight years of Obamian Progressive excesses and the prospect of another bout of Clintonoma, it seemed a relief to have captured—against all odds—the White House and both Houses of Congress.


We avoided a great deal more than just the Clintons. With November 2016, we dodged another direct hit to republican principles some 240 years in the forging. And yes, we thought: Now, we can repeal Obamacare, deciding what should replace it, if anything, on a national scope. Now, we can secure our nation’s borders and make decisions about those here illegally—who stays and who goes. Now, we can skinny down a federal government all but swallowing up the states, buying whole segments of the population, and nibbling at our freedoms with every new dictate. Now, we can streamline a tax code weighing on the backs of the middle class and small businesses. Now, we can enjoy the religious and Second Amendment freedoms we cherish. Now, we can build a Supreme Court to guard the liberties of the born and unborn.


Our choice had been plain but dire. It wasn’t just Progressive laws, regulations, and executive orders. It wasn’t just the symbols and language of Obamian and Clintonian acolytes. It was the realization that too many of us had been dupes and passive, useful idiots of the Alt-State (MSM, Academia, Hollywood, liberal elites and their judiciary, the unelected Deep State), and that time was running out.


No tinfoil hatter am I to say that Progressivism at full throttle is no less than the Communism we thought buried with the Berlin Wall. With another four to eight years of the Progressive dialectic, we’d have been another central planning monstrosity, and but a step away from what Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Mao, Castro all craved—absolute power—not for, but over the people.


What so many historians retreat from asking is the one question that makes all the difference: Why do Progressives almost never condemn repressive regimes, but see vast right-wing conspiracies behind every sensible national act? Because the goals of Progressives-Socialists-Communists make them all marchers on the same highway, just at different speeds.


Die-hard Progressives never admit how close their ideology is to that other ism celebrating its 100th year. As Dr. Paul Kengor notes, 2017 is the centennial of the Russian Revolution, a soft takeover of the Kerensky regime that didn’t reveal its true hardness on the people until power was in its grasp. His latest work, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Communism (Regnery Publishing), lays it out for entitled Millennials who have no memory of its horrors ( ).


A long Foreign Affairs piece, , When Stalin Faced Hitler, gushes ink to humanize Stalin—he loved playing billiards and colored pencils (red, green, and blue)—and though admitting Stalin corralled 120 million people into collective farms or the gulags, and murdered “immense numbers” of people, the writer never mentions the millions of them erased from existence. Stalin was “Washington, Wall Street, and Hollywood all rolled into one.” To this writer, Stalin was nothing less than five feet, seven inches of evil.


Though Communist states remain, the body count through 1987, according to Scott Manning, is a staggering 149.5 million people, or about 45% of the entire U.S. population. Those falling in love with life lived for the common good might recall the USSR murdered over 62 million people on its watch, while to date, the Red Chinese slaughter has topped 73 million. These exterminations were carried out, the state organs proclaimed, for the benefit of the masses, leavening them into one repressed whole. As we know, power did a lot of good for the people at the top, but few others.


So, what did we get for our hopes and votes last November? A POTUS who promised to unite us. A year later, not a single poll has borne that out. Where Obama divided us, this president has kept us divided, irritated, and frustrated. Given the power of the Alt-State, a unity program by anyone with right of center credentials would be difficult, yet not impossible for a leader whose use of words was careful and constructive. Inexplicably, our would-be Samaritan continues to sabotage his own election miracle.


Although this president may be unfazed by it all, many of his ersatz colleagues in the House and Senate seem focused solely on extending their gravy train ticket, not on the consequences of their fractious inaction on issues that matter. The simple thought not passing between their collective ears is this: If they fail to deliver to the American people before November 2018, what will come after—with Progressives stronger than ever—will be a further slide toward history’s abyss, a slide from which not even an Indiana Jones can pull us back.


All of which might be manageable in this magnificent economic recovery if, and only if, we had the man in the White House we hoped to have elected. To him, so many might say:


            Oh, Mister Prez, if you can’t stop tweeting,

            Come next election time,

            You and the GOP will take a beating.


But it’s not just you and the GOP, Mr. President. It’s us. It could be political paradise. At the moment, however, it looks like the road to progressive perdition.

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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