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Fiction of Choice

November 6, 2017

Remember when Joe Biden said that Republicans, if elected, would enslave African-Americans once again? What we’ll never hear him say is that his party considered its supporters slaves to the cruel fiction of choice it created in secretly allowing Hillary to steal the nomination.


Donna Brazile’s, Hacks…, reveals far more about her party than another Hillary Clinton theft. Left in question about Brazile’s claims is not that they’re not true. It’s that given her history of situational dissembling, just how many more bullets remain in that smoking gun?


Suspicion about the completeness of Brazile’s bombshell comes easy with the memory of her interview with Megyn Kelly, who confronted the DNC Chair and CNN regular with the charge Brazile herself slipped debate questions to Hillary. Remember the over-the-top indignation, the raised voice, the deep offense to her integrity? Brazile, long a race politics purveyor, may have excused her false answer as merely a little white lie.


Yet, it’s the larger point we must not allow to disappear into the political mists the Alt-State and its cabal of media, government disloyalists, academia, and party elites will create to make us miss it. To see what was (and is) really afoot with Progressives, we have to take a step or two back for the full panorama of DNC deceit.


Just to replay the tapes a bit, it appears Barack Obama drove the party at least 24 million in debt from the 2012 campaign, and as the 2016 election loomed, Democrats were still deep in the red (choice of words intended). Should we wonder just who was BHO raising money for when he headlined one fundraiser after another?


Ah, but we digress. According to the Brazile script, HRC and her Brooklyn campaign HQ came to the rescue offering to assume all financial responsibility for the DNC’s money woes as long control of the party’s entire apparatus went along with it—well before the primary season and the nominating convention. Way to go, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. That means good ol’ Bernie, poor sap, never had a chance. It was all a ruse—even his campaign’s agreement with the DNC for joint fund-raising. As for all those millennials, to whom socialism must be a kumbaya post on Facebook, we might also wonder why they’d ever believe Progressives—who lie to each other, then us—again.


Since BHO was the head of the party during all these shenanigans, didn’t he know Hillary had assumed control of his party? And what about Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, those stalwarts on the pulpit of Progressive rectitude? Didn’t they all know Bernie was making a fool of himself—not to mention the millions of rubes who voted for him?


Even if we accept Brazile’s premise that Obama left the party indebted and that Wasserman-Schultz was totally inept—which begs the question why we would let any of these people run anything for us—we still must wonder about Brazile’s claim that she considered replacing Clinton with Joe Biden after the 9/11 fainting spell.


Those with long memories recall Senator Biden’s vicious performance during the Nixon impeachment hearings, but along with that big smile, there came a shrewd political mind. Even so, old Joe never had a chance, either. Why? Because the deal had already been struck—again. It must have been a dilemma for party elites in 2007-2008 when BHO made his entitlement claim on the WH to decide which aggrieved identity interest candidate was “owed” first. So, HRC claimed 2016 as the woman’s “turn”—and she lost no opportunity to tell us so. Joe was never going to get his at-bat, no matter how many times HRC proved her inadequacy—no matter what Brazile claims.


Meanwhile, BHO’s administration covered up for her and Bill as they continued raking in millions trading on their influence—just as when SOS Clinton and her husband did selling us out to the Russians in the uranium scheme. By 2016 the entire party machine was in the Clinton bag. That’s why the defeat in November was so crushing for them, by the way—the Clintons thought they’d already paid for the election and with so many in the Alt-State pulling levers for them, how could victory not be theirs?


The cries of party shills for social justice on behalf of the working stiffs of this country fell on deaf ears this time because people knew it was all a sham. The DNC catered only to those they could buy—because everyone is for sale, they think, as Hillary thought when she bought the nomination. The party’s unkept promises were never for them, anyway. They were for the entitlement and identity crowds, all those who think they’re owed—just as Hillary (and BHO before her) thought.


Now, to the point being missed: Theirs is not a party of the people. It’s an elite seeking power, then keeping power, with goodies for the masses enslaved to government largesse and honest peoples’ labor. Progressives will make every decision for us—as in Obamacare, a law passed, then to be read as Pelosi famously suggested—and if legislation is not possible, there would always be the unconstitutional BHO Executive Orders HRC would have been expected to continue. Yes, theirs is a cold, callous, calculating, pre-scripted fiction which they will magnanimously allow us to choose. It’s a steroidal socialism, not unlike the soulless communism thought to have been tossed aside.


The Revolution Around Us, an earlier piece on, noted that Progressives seem hellbent on a takedown battle for our future. Brazile’s claims may help set the torches of liberty alight.

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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