“The real and the fictional collide in this masterful, intriguing political drama.”

ForeWord Clarion Reviews


“... Warren, a first time novelist, masterfully conveys a sense of intrigue and mystery ...”


ForeWord Clarion Reviews


Vice President Joseph Morrison has his sights on the Oval Office but knows he’ll never get there without a tragic event— and based on a conversation he’s overheard between President Averell Williams and the White House physician, there just may be one.


But it’s 2012—an election year—and if Morrison is going to use what he learned to his advantage, he must make sure Williams is re-elected. So he’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that happens, including bribery of the largest electronic voting firm in the US. To what length will he go to keep his secret?


An intelligent and insightful political thriller about integrity, corruption, and power, Turnover will forever change the way you feel about our voting system.



The president's secret is about to come out, but can he outlive the consequences? Joe Morrison can hardly wait for cancer to kill the president, but to become POTUS, loose ends have to be tied off--for good.


First, the president has to die, and the nation will rally around the man the Constitution mandates will succeed him. Will it all happen Joe's way?


Paul Gladston and Mare Burdette decide to leave Amish country, and they aren't about to let Morrison get away with murder, but how can they stop him? How can they avoid being murdered in the process?


In this heart-stopping next part of the Turnover story, Joe Morrison finds out what the 25th Amendment to the Constitution is all about and how far people will go to make sure our country survives serial killers like him.

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